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Est Ch Est Jun TlnW 20 Ch Achor`s Surprise Ikarus(19)

Achor`s Surprise Ikarus"Iki"


HD AA ED 00 patella 00 ,Cea free(carrier)MDR +/+,all teeth,36,5cm

breeder:Gabriela Kamber,Switzerland

Estonian  champion,junior champion,Tallinn JunW Cup19,BOB resCacib Best male 2 at Estonian Winner 21,Tallinn Winner 22

Our young boy from Switzerland.Father is from famous German kennel Silver Shadow.mother is from France.Both champions.Father of some litters.At home growing Sida and Ikarus tric daughter White Coastal Singing App,

Minu noor isane Šveitsist.Iki isa on Saksamaalt,väga kuulsast Silver Shadow kennelist,ema on Prantsusmaal,mõlemad vanemad on tšempionid.Ikarus on sündinud Šveitsist.Düsplaasiavaba,terved põlved,silmad,kõik hambad,MDR geenivaba,Eesti juuniortšempion.

co-owner:&Nina Rogova

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