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Achorś Surprise Ikarus(19)



Cea free,MDR +/+,no white factored

br:Gabriela Kamber,Switzerland

Ike have very good pedigree,many champions,very good health,all teeth.Best German,French,british lines.

Ike on meie uus isane kutsikas Šveitsist,suurepärane sugupuu.


Paquito Black of Silver-Shadow ,tri,MDR +/- HD B1,Ed0,VDH Jgd.Ch,DE Ch,VDH ChUnesco Blue of Silver Shadow,blm,MDR +/-,HD A,cea free,VDH DE AT Ch DE Jgd.Ch(Ger)Katiedale Ace of Spades,CIB,VDH,DE,LU Ch,De,HDA,MDR +/+,CEa/PRA neg
Fata Morgana Blue of Silver-Shadow,CIB,VDH DE LU Ch,DE JGD.Ch,HDB,Cea/PRA free,blm
Witchita Black of Silver Shadow,DE VDH Ch,HD A,Cea n.MDR +/+(Ger)Blue Graffiti of Silver-Shadow,HDB,Cea/PRA free,MDR +/+,blm
Oleandra of Silver-Shadow,VDH Ch,HDB,Cea/PRA free,MDR +/-,tri
Notorious de Moorstile Swiss Ch ,blm,HD AA ED 00,MDR +/-,CEA N(clear)blm(France)Mastermind at Shelridge,HD 3/4BVA,CEA R/R,MDR +/+,tri,GBCasheldor Kingfisher at Morestyle,GB Ch,blm
Malaroc Miss Behaving,tri
Imperious de Moorstile,blm,FranceSendora Royal Jubilee at Tooralie(GB)
Enchanted de Moorstile(France)
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